Retirement Plan Advice for Small Businesses, Corporations & Non-Profit Organizations

Thoughtful, Expert Advice | A Proven, Diligent Process | Exceptional Service & Fiduciary Support
You want confidence that comes from clarity and understanding of where your plan is today and what needs to be done to fulfill your fiduciary duties. You want the comfort that comes from having a steward and advocate for your plan and your participants. You want the assurance that comes from a long-term working relationship based on trust and understanding.
Our team helps clients achieve these goals through three core tenets of our process:
Our Process - Your Destination
CSG Capital Partners is a deep, experienced, and dedicated team of corporate retirement professionals providing a unique standard of care to a select group of businesses. For over a decade we have developed and refined a process that puts the many pieces of the corporate retirement puzzle together. We engage and collaborate with our clients to navigate an ever-changing retirment landscape to improve the financial wellness of their companies and employees. Our proven approach involves a six step process toward your ultimate destination: A well-designed plan, with superior service, that acheives financial security for your valued employees.



Portfolio Solutions

Investment Policy Statement
Development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to include:

  • Overview, Purpose and Objectives
  • Oversight Responsibilities & Responsible Parties
  • Investment Objectives
  • Plan Investment Styles
  • Selection Standards & Criteria
  • Monitoring Standards & Criteria

Investment Selection
Investment Selection Process for newly established/ converted plans:

  • Review of asset classes covered
  • Investment Manager search based on vendor universe of funds
  • Screening and selection based on established standards and criteria
  • Documentation of decision process
  • Assistance with implementation of selected funds
Investment Monitoring
Integrated process to monitor funds based on established monitoring standards and criteria:
  • Comprehensive quarterly monitoring reports evaluating each investment option against the monitoring standards and criteria
  • Further review of specific funds failing to meet standards and criteria as listed in status report
  • Process for determining fund replacement
  • Documentation of monitoring and decision process

Product Proposal Solutions

Complete Product Provider Search

  • Determination of plan objectives based on Plan Sponsor priorities, employee demographics, special service requirements, and current areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Proposal procurement from high quality providers, including incumbent vendor, if desired
  • Evaluation of proposals based on agreed- upon criteria
  • Transparent fee disclosure
  • Identification of providers who may best match your objectives
  • Finalist presentations by leading candidates
  • Coordination of plan implementation

General Market Assessment

  • Periodic market assessment to gauge continued competitiveness and quality of current vendor
  • Recommended every three years
  • Comparison of fees, services, features, financial stability
  • Negotiation of fees, if applicable
  • Determination if pursuit of alternative vendor is warranted
  • Documentation of decision

Participant Communication Solutions

Education and Enrollment Meetings

  • Total employee communication process
  • Development of employee communication strategy
  • Participant education and enrollment meetings covering:
  1. Benefits of 401(k) savings
  2. Features of specific plan
  3. Impact of various savings level scenarios
  4. Concepts of asset allocation and diversification
  5. Enrollment procedures
  6. Account access/transfer information

Ongoing Service Solutions

Plan Design Review

  • Review of design elements based on plan objectives
  • Comprehensive review of each design element to ensure design continues to meet company objectives
  • Cost/Benefit analysis when considering design alternatives
  • Peer benchmarking analysis
  • Coordination of plan amendments

Ongoing Plan Services

  • Overall plan liaison functions
  • Problem resolution
  • Overview of industry and legislative trends
  • Communication of provider product enhancements
  • Intermediary between client and service provider 

Annual Plan Review

  • Annual review of all aspects of the plan
  • Participation and contribution breakdown
  • Asset allocation/fund breakdown
  • Fund/Performance overview
  • Plan testing
  • Expense analysis
  • Fiduciary review