Our Process

We believe that successful financial planning is defined by maintaining your desired lifestyle while navigating life's many phases and transitions and progressing toward financial freedom. Our clients depend on us to guide them through decisions, address blind spots, and nudge them back on course in the midst of stress and change. 


Get Organized

Understanding where you are today in relation to where you want to go is vital to visualizing the steps necessary to lead you in the right direction. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that a proper foundation is in place around cash flow, investment positioning, tax efficiency, and estate concerns.

Define (And Prepare to Redefine) Focus and Direction

Goals are not a destination, they merely give direction and as much as we would love for them to be set in stone, the reality is that either changing priorities or external factors may force us to reevaluate a particular goal. We tactically adjust advice to your ever-evolving life. 





Quantify Financial Freedom

What would it take for you to live a work-optional lifestyle? We help clients quantify and answer this question so that we have a clear vision of the direction that we should be taking. Armed with that information we are able to create an action plan to determine the next steps that need to be taken, how to measure progress and what we will do when something goes wrong or our priorities change.



As with planning, we do not believe in a 'set it and forget it' or spontaneous approach. Our clients are not at the mercy of our intuition. We apply strict fundamental and technical analysis to our client portfolios to determine what investments to buy AND when to buy, hold or sell them. Our process tells us when it is prudent to reduce risk and protect your money, and when to position your portfolio to maximize gains. By relying on unemotional indicators, we make game plans rather than predictions and stand ready to make process-based decisions in the midst of stressful and extreme market conditions.

Identify The Strongest Asset Classes

Moving money between asset classes is not executed with 'on/off' switches, selling completely out of one in favor of another. Rather, the balance of portfolios can be more appropriately described as using dimmers to create a balance of risk and exposure to various markets that allows for the participation in upward moving markets and avoiding areas that are showing evidence of sustained declines. 

Determine Favored Sectors

Within a particular asset class, there will be sectors that will be more favored at any given time for reasons ranging from global economic conditions to regulatory issues to advancments in products and technology. We always seek to tilt portfolios toward the strongest areas of the market. 

Select Individual Securities

We buy quality investments that are going up. When an investment no longer meets both of those parameters, our process demands that we find one that does.