Individual Investors and Families

Our most successful relationships are defined by an open, candid dialogue with our clients around decisions that may impact their financial well-being. Reaching far beyond the scope of simply aligning an investment portfolio with financial goals, our clients depend on our guidance in navigating life's many phases and transitions and our agility when things inevitably do not go as planned.

Thoughtful, Expert Advice | A Proven, Diligent Process | Exceptional Service & Responsiveness 

Financial and Estate Planning

By addressing and quantifying specific life priorities and objectives, we help clients achieve a sense of order and peace of mind in their life around their finances. Our Compass For Life Process guides clients through conversations that lead to more intentional decisions.

It is our experience that getting Cash Flow, Investment Positioning, Tax Issues, and Estate Preservation 'right' for your specific situation will create the foundation needed for long term wealth accumulation and preservation.


Tactical Portfolio Management

Our Compass Portfolio Process methodically positions assets in what we determine are the most fundamentally sound individual securities of the asset classes that evidence suggests will be most likely to participate in up markets or protect assets in down markets.


Creating Reliable Income for Life

You have spent a lifetime saving and building your investment portfolio. Now that you are nearing or are in retirement we can help you transition your portfolio to one that tactically protects your assets and pays you a reliable income stream. We also acknowledge that moving on from your primary career might not be your last working chapter so we can help balance renewed priorities with the various benefits and income sources that ultimately make up your total situation.


Protecting Your Assets
A thorough review of your estate preservation priorities and discussion of 'what-if' scenarios often leads to a review of current insurance policies and may identify opportunities to increase coverage and/or reduce costs. Ultimately we aim to ensure that no matter what happens, planned or unplanned, your intentions are clear and assets are protected.