Business Exit Planning

The 3-5 years leading up to an exit event are critical to maximize value and the payoff of your hard work and dedication to the business.  Understanding the process and avoiding common pitfalls are key to your successful exit plan.  CSG Capital Partners have the experience, the resources, and the network of proven professionals to help get the job done right.

Preparing for a Sale

  • Understand current value of the business
  • Identify value needed to fulfill retirement goals
  • Set timeline & Identify Structure of Sale
  • Prep the books

Build your team

  • Coordinate with experts to help address all business, financial, legal and tax implications of a sale.
  • Address deficiencies to improve prospects for a successful exit.

Planning for Business Continuity

  • Plan for income from company as part of your Retirement income plan
  • Take care of current partners and employees 

The Unplanned Exit

  • Ensure that succession planning is in place 
  • Insurance solutions that can maintain the business
  • Key Man & Buy Sell