CSG Capital Partners is a team of wealth management advisors dedicated to the idea that successful advisory relationships start with an alignment of mutual respect, trust, and shared purpose with the individuals, families, corporations, and institutions that we serve.  Our mission is to help clients achieve the best outcomes possible through the thoughtful management of financial resources. We believe in a deep discovery and engagement process.   We believe that better awareness of client motivations and values allow us to take intentional action, and focus attention on the behaviors that we've seen lead to success.

A part of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, a regional full service financial firm with roots dating to 1832, our team consists of Murray Carter, Mitchell Lerner, Erik Fromm, and Chris Rockwell, with support from Katherine Paguyo, the team's Registered Private Client Assistant, and Anne Lurton, the Branch Manager.

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Recent market commentary from CSG Capital Partners:

The first half of the year was an outstanding one for investors as both international and US stocks produced excellent returns. Even bond investors received solid returns as interest rates fell to the surprise of many market watchers. Given the very strong returns since early November, the uncertain future of tax reform, healthcare laws, and trade policy combined with the politically volatile EU and falling commodity prices – where do we go from here?

Our view is that US stock markets will end the year higher than they are today. The driving force behind the market advance of the last 8+ months has been earnings. The first quarter saw earnings grow by 13.9% over the first quarter of 2016. For the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters, earnings are forecasted to grow by 6.6%, 7.4%, and 12.4% respectively according to Factset. Simply put, companies are consistently growing their earnings, and where earnings go stocks soon follow. Note that future profit estimates do not depend on tax reform; if that were to occur it would only add further upside potential. Continue reading

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